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Welcome to 'CommUNITY'!
The 6th Annual AWC Concert


an improvisation piece with Piano, Flute and voice that asks 'What does it really means to find a Community and belong in one?

Abby Berg is a third year Music Therapy student at Arizona State University, as well as a member of the flute studio under the instruction of Dr. Elizabeth Buck.


Phoebe Leong A student at Arizona State University (ASU), Phoebe Leong (b. 2000) began composing at the age of five with East Valley Yamaha Music School. She has also played piano since that age, studying both composition and piano performance for the past 17 years. She is experienced in composing both instrumental and electronic music.

Phoebe has studied piano with Heidi Grimes, Tomoko Yonemaru, Christina Tan and Caio Pagano, and composition with Tomoko Yonemaru, Christina Tan, Kelly Tang, Dirk Stromberg, Keith Fitch, Jody Rockmaker, Alex Temple, Fernanda Navarro and Garth Paine. She has won awards for the Yamaha Junior Original Composition Concert (2010, 2011), as well as the Golden Key International Composition Competition (2012, 2016), and had a piece premiered at the PRISMs New Music Festival (Tempe, AZ, 2021). She has also performed with the Arizona Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) in 2023 and written music for the Arizona Women’s Collaborative in both 2023 and 2024.


Chan Jaijam Wannapat is a singer/performer from Thailand. She is pursuing her Master degree in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance. She is thrilled and excited to be a part of Arizona Women Collaborative. She has performed on various stages and roles including Thai musical theatre original shows, Adara from Luna The Immersive Musical, Witch from Into The Woods, Carmen from Fame, Almost There concert (solo cabaret), and she is the voice of Thailand’s Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto. This is her first time doing a collaborative piece. She learned a lot and having so much fun! IG: Chan_jaijam

'The Blend'

Based on the concept of gatekeeping within communities, this piece explores the feelings of isolation and judgment found in those scenarios, as well as harmony, which comes in when those feelings are addressed and resolved. Each feeling/concept is represented by a Muse, so there’s an Isolation Muse, a Judgment Muse, and a Harmony Muse. This piece follows a simple plot of Judgment kicking out Isolation from their community, and Harmony trying to resolve their differences and unify the three of them to make them blend.


Corrina Green, soprano, is a senior Music Learning and Teaching Student. This is her 3rd year working with AWC and loves it more and more every time. This year has been the most involved in the composing process she's been and has had a very fun time while discovering new things about herself along the way. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of community and hopes to spread that message through this work. 


Oliver! Fractal Padegimas (ze/zir/zem) or (they/their/them) is a Music Composition major at Arizona State University. Ze is a genderfreak/genderfluid individual passionate about the LGBTQIAP+ community, disability rights, and uplifting other marginalized voices that aren't zir own.

As a composer, Oliver! likes to experiment with telling stories through music, whether it's something fun and silly like a sailboat trying to fly, or the darkness inside the idea of tearing oneself apart to entertain. Ze also focuses on the mental health aspect frequently in Music Composition. Recently, Oliver! started composing more directly activist pieces that push for social change.

Dania Ureña is a composer who explores and tells stories through various forms of media and interdisciplinaries whether it be through acoustic music with live instrumentalists, experimental electronic music, heartfelt melodies via writing songs, or incorporating aspects of contemporary dance and film media.


for piano, guitar, two voices, and movement

Lara Bos (she/her) is a first year graduate student at Arizona State University in Voice Performance (Music Theatre). She grew up in Switzerland and did her BA in Theatre Studies in Munich (Germany). At ASU, she was recently part of the student-led production Theory of Relativity (Catherine). The weekly meetings from AWC, where she got to collaborate with these amazing artists, were her favorite part of the week these past few

months. She is thrilled to perform their piece and hopes it will conjure up some smiles in the audience.


Priyanka Desai is a master's student in Computer Engineering. Beyond the realm of algorithms and code, Priyanka finds solace and passion in the harmonies of music. With a guitar in hand and a song in heart, it feels like getting wings and it gives flight to her imagination.


Deanna Rusnock is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Composition and Theory as well as a second Master’s Degree in Jazz Piano at Arizona State University. A composer and multi-instrumentalist, Deanna won ASU’s Composition Competition for the 2021-2022 school year, has previously been runner-up in the 2020 Women’s Orchestra of Arizona Composition Competition and writes for a wide variety of ensembles. Deanna most recently collaborated with Jennifer Koh and the ARCO Collaborative in their “Alone Together” concert series. From accordion, banjo, and bagpipes, to MIDI-based video game music, Deanna loves portraying stories and scenes through her music. She draws inspiration from 20th- and 21st-century composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich and Takashi Yoshimatsu, and aims to create music that is vibrant in color.

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